Gravity: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Introducing the Gravity cold brew coffee maker; designed from the ground up for the ultimate cold brew experience. It's super simple to use, easy to clean, and it makes amazing cold brew coffee.

Why are we so in love with cold brew? There's more to cold brew than just a refreshing quench.

Cold brew is not just iced coffee. Iced coffee is brewed hot then cooled or poured over ice. Don't get us wrong, iced coffee can be delicious, but coffee brewed using time instead of heat possesses an entirely different set of qualities. Enter cold brew coffee:

Cold brew coffee offers a bunch of benefits when compared to hot brew coffee. Cold brewing produces a smoother, less bitter coffee with a naturally sweet flavor. Since no heat is used, cold brew is 60% less acidic than hot brew, meaning it's easier on your teeth and your tummy. Because there is less oxidation at lower temperatures, cold brew remains fresh and flavorful for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Cold brew stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Brew a batch, then simply pour to serve, all week long.
Cold brew stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Brew a batch, then simply pour to serve, all week long.

Hot brewed coffee may be "instant", but cold brew is worth the wait. Hot brew coffee begins to degrade in quality the second it starts to cool.  A fresh cup of coffee brewed using heat can taste amazing, but the oxidation caused by heat exposure means the coffee doesn't stay fresh for more than a few hours. With far less oxidation due to lower brew temps, cold brew stays fresh for weeks, which is a huge convenience factor. For instance, you can make a batch of cold brew on Sunday, then simply pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee in a breeze, at any time, all week long!

The Gravity system is designed to be effortless to use. Just add coffee, add water, and wait.

Leave the measuring cups in the drawer. The glass is etched with easy to use brew guide markings for a no-hassle brew setup.
Leave the measuring cups in the drawer. The glass is etched with easy to use brew guide markings for a no-hassle brew setup.

Cold brewing is a simple yet beautiful process which can be realized in 2 different ways: slow drip brewing, and immersion brewing. A brewer that can make just one is only achieving half of it's brewing potential...

That's why the Gravity system delivers both brew methods in one seamless, simple, and clean-cut design.

Immersion brewing is the workhorse of the cold brew family. Ground coffee and water are immersed together in the brew funnel for 24 hours or more. In this time, the room temperature water penetrates the coffee bean, extracting all the flavor, aroma, and caffeine that the bean has to offer.

Immersion brewing yields a highly concentrated coffee with a bold, rich, chocolatey flavor, and a caffeine kick.

To make immersion style cold brew, simply add coffee and water together, cover, and wait 12-24 hours. Then twist open the filter valve allowing the rich coffee elixir to filter downward into the serving carafe.

The rich concentrate can be served straight, or diluted to provide up to 15 delicious servings per brew.

Slow drip, also known as "Kyoto" or "Dutch" style coffee, is the more gentle and refined of the brew methods. Drop by drop, gravity pulls pure water downward through a maze of coffee grounds. By the time that drop filters into the carafe, the water has taken on a new life, transforming into a clean, bright, naturally sweet cold brew coffee.

Setting up a drip brew is a simple process. Add the coffee, then place the drip plate into the brewing funnel, then add water. Wait about 6 hours while the water drips through the coffee and the filter, and return to a delightfully fresh brew, yielding 4-8 servings per batch.

Experience the complete range of flavors that cold brew has to offer! Take advantage of the Gravity system's ability to brew both slow drip and full immersion coffee.

The two different brew methods produce two distinctly different cold brews with a diverse set of qualities. If it had to be summed up, slow drip brewing produces a smooth, sweet, mellow flavor, while immersion brewing produces a bold, rich, chocolatey flavor.

Of course, the coffee beans used to make the brew have their own unique character, but there are plenty of variables that you can control to customize your brew. For instance, a longer brew time will produce a bolder flavor, and a smaller grind size will yield a thicker body. Adjusting the coffee/water ratio will make for a stronger or more mellow cup. Different roast levels will supply different flavor profiles. Adjust the taste, body, aroma, and caffeine level and experience the full spectrum of cold brew coffee.

With full control at your fingertips, you can fine-tune your perfect brew, or mix it up to suit different moods or different tastes.

P.S. - If you're like me (Kelsey), you don't want to have to adjust or customize anything. You want easy (making coffee doesn't need to be a science project). Don't worry, we have you covered too. We include a brew guide with our standard, easy to follow steps.

We won't tell you how to drink your coffee, but we will mention that cold brew can be enjoyed in a wide variety of serving styles. It can be served straight, diluted, or over ice. Cold brew pairs perfectly with creams and milks (vanilla almond milk is our favorite), and it goes great in frozen or blended drinks, and in cocktails. Cold brew can be served hot as well!

Cold brew is not just a summertime treat. Believe it or not, we do get some pretty cold winter mornings here in Southern California, but we still reach for our cold brew coffee. Keep in mind that cold brew is just the method used to extract the beans; the coffee can be served at any temperature. This makes cold brew coffee very versatile. For example, cold brew can be frozen into cubes and used to keep your cold brew cold without diluting it, or it can be made into to a piping hot coffee to keep you warm in the winter (and it can do everything in between).

That's right, cold brew can be served hot! Just mix equal parts hot water and immersion brew concentrate, and presto: you'll have a flavorful hot coffee with 60% less acid than its hot brewed cousin.

Being easy to clean was a critical "must have" in the coffee maker design. If you're like us, you probably avoid using some of your kitchen essentials because they are hard to clean (I'm looking at you, blender).

Brewing funnel fits in sink drain, no messy grounds in your sink!
Brewing funnel fits in sink drain, no messy grounds in your sink!

The Gravity system is an absolute breeze to clean, and won't make a mess in your kitchen. The glass and the brewing components separate swiftly, so they can be all easily washed.

Coffee grounds can make a mess, but not with Gravity. Thanks to the brewing funnel's ability to pop right into the drain hole of your kitchen sink, the leftover grounds from the brewing funnel are sent directly down the drain for an easy no-mess rinse.

Pro Tip: Don't put all the coffee grounds down the drain, gently tap the funnel to dump most of them out before rinsing. They can be dumped directly into your trash can, but spent grounds can also be re-used as fertilizer for your garden, an exfoliant rub, a delicious cooking ingredient, and much more.

The glass can be tossed in the dishwasher without a problem, but the nesting lids, drip plate, and filter cap should be washed by hand with soap and warm water.

A cup of cold brew is pretty expensive at a coffee shop, with prices from $3 to over $7 being the norm. Cold brew takes a long time to make, which translates into a hefty price tag at the counter. Brewing with Gravity produces a cup at 1/10 the average price charged by cafés.

The Gravity system will pay for itself within the first 2 brews. After a year, you have the potential to save $1170 compared to buying your coffee over the counter each day.